Monday, February 21, 2011

Bedspread: Stained Glass Window #1

I've been playing with color designs and have come up with this one. It uses simple granny squares, assembled according to a chart to create a stained glass window throw. It is large.

This is a large project and requires around 1 skein of each color used, except black, which will take about 2 skeins.


Finished square measures approximately 2”, using worsted weight yarn and a G (4.0 mm) hook.

Round 1: Ch 4. 11 Dc in 4th ch from hook (the first ch). There are now 12 dc in first ch (ch 3 counts as one dc). Sl st in top of first ch. 3 to join.

Round 2: Sl st in next st. Ch 3 in next space between dc posts. 2 dc in same space. *Skip 3 dc, 3 dc, ch 1 3 dc between dc posts.* Repeat between *twice more. 2 dc in same space as beginning ch 3. Sl st in top of first ch. 3 to join.

Finish off, weave in loose ends.


Complete the squares in the desired colors and assemble according to the diagram, either by crocheting along edges or using a darning needle and mattress stitch.

After assembling the squares, use black and sc around the entire piece to finish.

Finished dimensions: Approximately 62" X 74"

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