Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Peanut Butter Cup Mittens

I created these mittens as an improvisation for the 11 Mittens in 2011 Challenge in the I Make Mittens group, on Ravelry. I really like how they turned out, so I'm recording the pattern.


75 Yards each, Color A (CA) and Color B (CB)
Crochet Hook, H (5.00 mm)


With CA, chain 45. Join to form ring.
Round 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook. sc in next 2 ch. *3 sc in next sc, 1 sc in next 3 ch, sk 2 ch,* repeat between * around and join to first sc with sl st. 5 points created.
Join CB (carry CA inside mitten to be joined at next row).
Round 2: Sk joining stitch. *1 sc in next 3 ch, sk 2 ch, 3 sc in next sc*, repeat between * around and join to first sc with sl st.
Round 3: Pick up CB and continue pattern.
Rounds 4-9: Continue alternating colors each row, in pat.
Rounds 10-14: Continue in pat but DO NOT JOIN at end of round. At the end of the round, join the new color, ch.1 turn and work back in rows, in pat. This creates the opening for the thumb.
Rounds 15-29: Join row 15 with sl st. as at beginning. Continue alternating colors each row, in pat, as in rounds 4-9.
Rounds 30-31: Work dec. sc all around (2 sc tog). This creates a slight curve to the end of the mitten.


With CA, ch 14. Join to form a ring. Place marker in the joining sl st.
Work sc around for 10 rounds. Cut about a 3" tail on yarn and knot to prevent raveling. Work the tail around the end and pull like a drawstring to close the end of the thumb. Tie off and work in the end. Turn right side out.

Turn mitten body inside out and place thumb inside at the thumb hole, so that right sides of the thumb are touching the right sides of the glove. Using whip or mattress stitching, attach thumb to mitten body. Tie off and work in loose end.

Turn Mitten right-side out.


With same color as end of mitten (CA), sl st or sew end closed. Tie off, work in loose end.

With CA, attach to BOTTOM of mitten and work in pat around to create smoother edge. Tie off and work in loose end.

This pattern is the property of the writer, TheHaunt, and may only be used for personal projects. It may not be sold or otherwise used for profit without the express and written permission of the author.