Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sideways Ripple Sweater Pattern

This pattern is the property of the writer, TheHaunt, and may only be used for personal projects. It may not be sold or otherwise used for profit without the express and written permission of the author.

This pattern makes a plus-sized ladies sweater of approximately size 3x.


Ch. 80.
Row 1
In color 1, Sk. 1st ch. *Sc in next 2 ch.; 3 sc in next ch.; Sc in next 2 ch.; sk. 2 ch.* Repeat from * to end of chain, ch.1, Turn.
Row 2
2 sc in first sc. Sk 2 sc. 1 sc in next 2 sc, 3 sc in next sc (the middle sc of the 3 sc cluster in the previous row), sc in next 2 sc. Repeat from * to end.

This creates the ripple effect pattern and will be worked in pat throughout the remainder of the pattern.

Alternate colors desired every 2 rows.

After 8 rows, begin increasing 2 sc per every other row (one inc at each end of the row) until 130 total sc on the row.

Work 5 rows in pat.


At the end of the 5th pat row, chain 40.
Work in pat to end of row, then chain 40 st, again. (204 st total).

For the added crochet sections for the body, carefully work out the pat pattern so that it is consistant with the sleeve, then work in pat.

Work rows, in pat, until work measures about 5-1/2".


Work in pat for 102 st. Turn, leaving remaining stitches for later.
Work this section in pat until the work from the dividing row measures 17".
Break yarn.

With appropriate color, join with RS facing, to the back of the neck opening.
Work in pat as for the front, but DO NOT BREAK YARN.


Work in pat across back neck section, then continue without turning to the edge of the front section and continue working in pat to end. Join completed.

Continue in pat unti the work from the joining row measure about 5-1/4".


Slip stitch over 1st 37 st of next row, work in pat over 130 st. Turn (this will leave 37 st. on the other end of the row, to mirror the start of the body).

Work 6 rows in pat.

Decrease 1 st on each end of every other row (2 dec per row, every other row) until there are 80 st. in the row.

Work 8 rows in pat. Break yarn and weave in loose ends.

Sew side and sleave seams.

EDGING (optional)

If desired, work sc in contrasting color around all edges, following pat. For neck and waist edging work 1 sc in the end of each row, evenly around the edge.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Doll Project

I've been wanting to crochet a doll and make clothes for her, for quite some time. My biggest problem has been finding a doll pattern that I like.

I'm trying one by Beth Webber: Free Spirit Doll Pattern

Here is the initial effort... she still needs a little blush and a mouth...

... more to come, as it happens.

7/30/2010 - unhappy with the project, overall. The head is just too big and even with the spool support in the neck, she is far too top-heavy. I am considering making another type of doll to pursue this idea...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crochet Projects -past

Just a few projects I have in my possession.
I have made many more, but they were given as gifts to others.