Sunday, February 27, 2011

Harlequin Toque

Something a touch different.

  • Worsted Weight yarn in 2 colors (CA and CB)
  • Crochet Hook: I (5.5 mm)
  • Darning needle

  1. With CA, Chain 20.
  2. With CA, work 5 rows of basic Tunisian stitch.
  3. Attach CB and work 5 rows basic Tunisian stitch.
  4. Repeat the alternating 5-row pattern until desired length is reached, ending on CB. (Mine was 60 rows)
  5. Slip stitch across last row, to finish body.  Set aside

  1. With CA, chain 11.
  2. Skip 1 ch.  Work sc in BLO across. Ch 1. Turn.
  3. Repeat row 1 five more times (total 6 rows, total).
  4. Attach CB.
  5. Work 10 sc across as before, for 6 rows. 
  6. Alternate colors CA and CB every 6 rows until there are the same number of colored sections as the body. 
  7. Tie off.

  1. Align the band along the long edge of the hat body so that Body CA is lined up with the Band CB. 
  2. With right sides together, attach the band to the body using sc, keeping the color patches aligned.
  3. Tie off.
  4. Fold hat in half, matching the short sides.  It should be worked so that you are joining a CA side to a CB side. 
  5. With right sides together, sc the sides together. 
  6. Tie off.
  7. For the top of the hat, using a darning needle and doubled thread, weave the thread around the top stitches of the hat (opposite of the ribbed band) all the way around.  Pull the doubled yarn tightly so that the hat gathers completely closed. 
  8. Tie off well, with hard knots. 
  9. Pull all loose ends to the inside of the hat.  Weave in loose ends.

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