Saturday, April 12, 2014

Budding Arches

So many lovely shawls and wraps are available, but there are some designs that are not often done in crochet.  This is a form that is similar in look to many popular knitted wraps/shawls, but is crocheted. 
This piece is worked in sections, but without seams.  First the "body" is worked.  When the body is completed, the yarn is joined to one side and the edging is worked directly along the edge, without seaming. It is on the easy side of intermediate in skill level, due to increases, decreases, and chart reading.
I hope you like this as much as I do.


  • Fingering weight yarn:  430-900 yds, depending on size desired.
  • D hook (3.25 mm)
  • Approximately 60" (across longest edge) X 15" (center widest point)


Chain 4
ROW 1:  Skip 3 dc. Work 2 dc in first ch.  Ch 3. Turn
ROW 2:  *Work 1 dc between 2 dc of previous row* Repeat between * once. Ch 3. Turn
ROW 3 :  Work 2 dc between 2 dc of previous row(one increase completed). *Work 1 dc between 2 dc of previous row* Repeat between * twice. Ch 3. Turn
Continue in the pattern created in rows 2 and 3, increasing 1 stitch only on one side of of your work, until the piece measures 20” (or about 1/3 the desired length).
Make last row as Row 2 (a row without an increase).


Continue in the pattern created in row 2, until the piece measures 20" (or about 1/3 the desired length).

Assure that the last row of this section ends on the "slanted side of the First Point of Body, so that the decreases in the Second Point of Body are on the same side.


ROW 1: Work in pattern (1 dc between the dc of posts of previous row) to the last 2 stitches.  Work dec over last 2 spaces of the row.
ROW 2:  *Work 1 dc between 2 dc of previous row* Repeat between * to end of row. Ch 3. Turn

Work Rows 1 & 2 (decreasing on only one end of every other row) untll there are 4 dc.  Tie off yarn and work in the end to complete the body.
The body is now a long strip with pointed ends.

I used one entire skein of about 450 yards for the body.  To continue with the edging, I joined a new skein and did a simple edging all around, using 2sc on each post along all 3 sides.  From there, the lace edging can be added.


For the pattern of the lace edging, I feel more comfortable using a chart.
The lace edging is worked from one point along the pointed side of the triangle to the opposite point.


The straight long edge of the triangle may be left in simple sc, working 2 sc over each dc post along the top edge, or more edging of your choice may be added.